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Soonmul Cleansing Foam

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Soonmul Cleansing Foam

Cleansing Foam

Mild, gentle bean curd whey foam cleansing.

Bean extract abundant with various amino acid and minerals supplies nutrition ingredients, making softer and brighter skin.
Saponin ingredient in the extract of saponaria officinalis L. helps remove wastes by gentle and light cleansing, presenting clean, neat refreshment.
This gentle, low irritation foam cleanser can be used even for sensitive skin at ease.


  1. Creamy foam carefully goes around here and there.
  2. Gently everyday with low irritation texture
  3. Fresh cleansing with vegetable ingredients
  4. Dry skin texture, Clean pores


  1. Take a proper amount and make bubbles sufficiently.
  2. Then, after massaging your face gently, rinse clean with lukewarm water.
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Soonmul Cleansing Foam